Tuesday, 5 May 2009


I guess everyone has seen Diarmud Gavin advertising Morrisons supermarkets.

This quote from the ad, as he is wheeling a shopping trolley up Gold Hill at Shaftesbury (The setting of the Hovis ad), struck me as particularly ironic.

"I like bakers better when they're trained.
When they can make dough from scratch - not just heat it up.
And bake different types of bread, fresh, on the premises.
There was a time when you could get that on almost every street."

Yes, and why isn't there a baker in every street anymore?
Could it have anything to do with the destruction of such businesses by the supermarkets?

The following was from a report in 1995! What are the figures like now?

There are now only 3,500 family bakeries left in Britain. In the past five years, 1,500 have closed. Fifty years ago, small bakeries produced 83 per cent of British bread. Today, with the advent of the sliced loaf and the supermarket bakery, they sell only 8 per cent.

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