Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Arthurian Legend

Arthurian legend has it that King Arthur was a great warrior king, protecting England from both mortal and supernatural enemies.

Sadly, this is indeed just legend!

In actual fact, Arthur was considered a feeble minded, eccentric old buffoon by those around him. He was usually an object of ridicule due to the fanciful nature of some of his ideas and stories.
Arthur's Round Table is one such story that has entered the annals of fable.

The truth of the story is a little more prosaic.

He had spent over two months attempting to fashion a wooden table for his eating needs. Unfortunately, his carpentry skills were found wanting and he eventually gave up on the idea of a traditionally styled table.

Instead, he simply sawed a 6 inch thick slice from the bole of a large oak tree, hammered four legs onto the round(ish) slice and set it up as his main eating area.

The width of this slice of oak was only three feet, thus rendering it useless for all but the sparsest of dinner parties or meetings.

For those that like to think of The Holy Grail as a goblet used at The Last Supper, it must be noted that, had the Grail ever found it's way into the possession of Arthur Pendragon and sat upon his table, there wouldn't have been enough room left for him to even put his elbows on this piece of fabled furniture.

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